Lucifer was the most beautiful and wise one of all of God's creations. As the superior one of all all created beings, he was positioned as God's governmental ruler over creation. Unfortunately, this angel's pride gave way to rebellion, and he attempted to overthrow the government of God. Gathering one third of all of the angels to follow him, his attempt at a coup failed. Lucifer became Satan, and his army of angels became demons. These creatures are amongst us today, and what you will learn here will curl your hair.


So You Think You Know What Is In The Bible?

Many ideas have been formed about subjects in the Bible based on what we have heard and what we read in God's Word. Unfortunately, what we have heard from others is not often the truth. Sometimes what we read in the Bible is misinterpreted because of our lack of knowledge of the actual meaning contained in the original Hebrew and Greek text. On this web site, we try to clear up some of those misconceptions.

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