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Scott - PROPHECIES FUTURE - I would suggest that you include scriptures with each claim made in this video to substantiate what you are saying. I believe your assertions are correct, but it would help to include portions of the Bible to back up your claims.

ANSWER TO SCOTT - Thanks for your suggestion, Scott. We had planned to cover each prediction in separate segments using our Biblical Backup, but your idea makes sense, and we will probably modify the segment as you suggested.

Joshua - TEN MAIN POINTS - You say in your video that no dinosaurs exist today, which proves they did not exist at the time of the flood. You are wrong. A coelecanth fish which was thought to be extinct was caught off the coast of Indonesia. This is a dinosaur that survived.

ANSWER TO JOSHUA - If you did your homework, you would have found that scientists conducted DNA tests on the fish that was thought to be an ancient marine dinosaur. The DNA structure was NOT EVEN CLOSE to the DNA extracted from the fossils of the ancient coelecanth. There are creatures alive today, especially in the reptile family, that resemble dinosaurs, but DNA research has eliminated them as ancestors of ancient dinosaurs.

Stephen -DEATH BEFORE ADAM'S SIN - In Genesis 1:31, the Bible says that when God saw everything the he had created, that it was "very good." How could his creation, at that moment in time, be "very good" if there was death, sin, and suffering already in the world as you claim?

The Bible does not say that God saw everything he "created," and it was "very good." The only time that the word "created" is used in Genesis chapter one is in verse one (In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth), verse 21 (And God created great whales) and in verse 27 (So God created man in his own image).

What God says in verse 31 is that when he saw everything he had "made," that it was very good. There is a huge difference between the original Hebrew word "created," (arb bara', which means to make something from nothing) and the word "made," (hse 'asah, which means to "fashion" something from existing materials).

The verse clearly states that "God saw everything He had made." The things he saw are inclusive only of the items specifically described in this chapter that He "made" (verse 7 "And God made the firmament," verse 16 "And God made two great lights"). So God saw what he had made (fashioned from existing materials) and saw that it was very good. What was "very good" does not include the dinosaur remnants under the earth which were killed sometime between Geneses 1:1 and Geneses 1:2.

In Judah 18:9, the exact same word is used to describe the land the Israelites were about to enter. It reads, "And they said, Arise, that we may go up against them: for we have seen the land, and, behold, it is very good: and are ye still? be not slothful to go, and to enter to possess the land. When ye go, ye shall come unto a people secure, and to a large land: for God hath given it into your hands; a place where there is no want of any thing that is in the earth."

Here, God is giving His people something "very good." Does that mean everything else in the world was also "very good?" No, in this instance this specific land was "very good." The same rule applies in Genesis 1:31.

Name withheld - DINOSAURS AND CREATION - Mr. Surgenor. I used to respect you as an authority on child discipline and your knowledge of Biblical principles certainly seemed to be sound. But your support of an evolutionary theory claiming the earth is millions of years old shows your ignorance of what the Bible teaches. Your attacks on Ken Ham are vicious attempts to discredit an expert whose facts you disagree with. Ken Ham believes the Bible, which clearly teaches that God created the universe 6000 years ago. There was no death before sin, which entered our world when Adam disobeyed God. Dinosaurs were created on day six with the other animals and existed on the ark! For you to question these indisputable facts is to destroy the message of the gospel. Please remove me from your update e-mail list.

Folks, this is the kind of response I have received from numerous New Earth Creationists. Even though I DO NOT believe in evolution, and I BELIEVE in the six day account given in Genesis chapter one, I have been accused of undermining the gospel, being an evolutionist, and not being a Christian. I've looked at the creation issue purely from an evidentiary standpoint, just like I did as a police detective. There are countless holes in the New Earth theory, and I believe organizations like Answers In Genesis are making millions of dollars off of Christians who have never really studied the evidence, but simply listened to the talking points of people like Kent Hovind and Ken Ham. On this web site, I am simply trying to make the facts more understandable.

Ezekiel - THE FOSSIL RECORD - Fossilization is a rare event, especially of humans who are very mobile. Since the rains of Noah's Flood took weeks to cover the earth, many people could have made it to boats, grabbed on to floating debris, and so on. Some may have made it to higher ground. Although they wouldn't have lasted that long and would have eventually perished, they might not fossilize. In most cases, dead things decompose or get eaten. They just disappear and nothing is left.

Ezekiel, your statement is exactly the same as the statement given on the Answers In Genesis website, in fact it appears that you cut and pasted it to my site. On one hand, Young Earth Creationists claim that in order for creatures to be covered in silt and fossilized, the event had to be sudden and catastophic. Then they claim, which you have repeated, that it "took weeks" for the flood to cover the earth. Even if humans floated on debris and climbed to the mountain tops, it still DOES NOT EXPLAIN why absolutely no modern-day animals have been found in the fossil record. Did elephants and hippos grab onto floating debris? Did the millions of rabbits, which DO NOT EXIST in the fossil record, manage to climb to the mountain tips to avoid being covered by silt. Your theory that you claim explains why no human remains are found in the fossil record still does not explain why modern-day animals are not found in the fossil record.