The abortions performed in this country is one of the most divisive issues of our time. The women's rights movement claims that they have the authority to do anything they want with "their own body." Although this isn't true in other aspects of our culture (a woman can't shoot up with heroin, that is illegal), society has condoned the murder of millions of innocent children. From killing the fetus inside the womb to partial birth abortions, the abortion religion continues to fight for the right to end the life of innocent human beings. We search the scriptures to find the answer to the question "when does life really begin?"

Stages of Development
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When Does Life Begin?
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So You Think You Know What Is In The Bible?

Many ideas have been formed about subjects in the Bible based on what we have heard and what we read in God's Word. Unfortunately, what we have heard from others is not often the truth. Sometimes what we read in the Bible is misinterpreted because of our lack of knowledge of the actual meaning contained in the original Hebrew and Greek text. On this web site, we try to clear up some of those misconceptions.

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